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Buena Vista Farm

Nestled in the heart of Hardy County is a beautiful farm, appropriately named Buena Vista, Spanish meaning “beautiful view.”

Buena Vista has been in the Leatherman family since George T. Leatherman purchased it in the 19th century and is now a West Virginia Century Farm. George and Miriam Leatherman raise corn, cattle, and produce, but their strawberries are legendary! They offer u-pick or pre-picked during season, which is usually an early summer and fall crop. They also produce asparagus, rhubarb and other produce. 

Products Produced:  Strawberries, Jams, Asparagus and other produce such as beans and squash in season. Click here for availability.

Farming Location: Old Fields, Hardy County, WV 

How to Buy: Call 304 530 2788 to order, on farm store open during strawberry season April to June.  

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