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Cozy Country Farm

Cozy Country Farm is nestled in the hills of Mineral County, where owners Harold & Cheryl Hott make it their goal to produce natural pasture-raised lamb, goat, and beef.
They have the same concerns that you do about the healthy food we need for our bodies, so they decided to offer you that same quality meat they desire: wholesome, clean, no additives, no hormones, and no by-products!  They say, "If we wouldn’t eat it - we don’t sell it!"
The Hotts are 4th generation farmers, who value their land and livestock so they provide value to you!  Each year they host an “Open Barn” for you to see their baby lambs, educate anyone about agriculture, and enjoy talking farm talk! They accept credit cards and EBT cards for purchases.
Products Produced:  Fresh and frozen lamb and beef.

Farming Location: Keyser, Mineral County, WV

How to Buy: Contact directly on their website at:, email them at, or call 304.813.9852. They accept EBT as well as credit cards.

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