Trainings & Workshops

The Potomac Highlands Producers project, under its umbrella organization, Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College, supports local growers, producers and farmers by providing training and information on best practices and new ideas in producing products for consumer sale.  

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Join us for these trainings on innovative approaches to agriculture

from Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College and its partners. 

For more trainings in other fields, visit Eastern's Workforce training website

Beef producers: don't miss this opportunity to tune up your knowledge and skills.  

Eastern is hosting a Beef Quality Assurance training Nov. 17 at WVU's Wardensville Farm.

Note: BQA is required for all cattle producers every three years to sell their stock at most sale barns.

Register by Nov. 3. Download flier here for more information. 

Past Training Sessions


Post Harvest Handling: Keys to Fresh, Safe and Longer Lasting Produce

Do you know the factors that make your producer stay fresher, longer? And likewise, what can make it go bad faster? Ayesha Sarker from West Virginia State University provides information on keeping your produce clean, safe and longer lasting.  Watch recording.

Financing Your Operation

Farm Service Agency (FSA) representatives talk about options for financing your farm operation. Watch recording.


Four Factors that Affect Beef Quality 

Do you know what factors can affect the taste, consistency and overall quality of your beef and other meats? Find out from Dr. Megan Webb, specialist in meat science from Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College.  Watch recording. 

Production Planning - Kacey Gantzer, WVDA - February 10, 2021

Do you have an Ag Production Plan? Is it up to date? Learn from Kacey Gantzer of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture as she explains how to plan your produce production to meet your timelines and maximize your growing area. Watch recording.

Pricing Your Products: More Than Breaking Even, Ohio State University - March 10 

Covers pricing meat, produce and value added products; with Joy Bauman and Christy Welch, Ohio State University.  Watch recording

Growing for Craft Beverages - March 30   

Learn what products local craft beverage makers need for their products; with Paul Jackson of Smooth Ambler Distillery, Amanda West of West-Whitehill Winery and Brooke Glover of Swilled Dog Cidery. Watch recording

Benefit from SNAP & SNAP Stretch, WV Food & Farms Coalition - April 14 

Receive SNAP and matching dollar SNAP Stretch payments and tap into a new group of customers; with West Virginia Farm and Food Coalition. Watch recording