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Rock Island Farm

Rock Island Farm is a traditional beef farm located in Hardy County that has expanded to include locally grown produce and fall garden mums. Our produce is grown inside one of our two high tunnels starting in April. We start these seedlings ourselves so the final produce is under our care from the time the seedling germinates in late January. Our fall mums get started in mid-May and by September they are ready for their fall homes.


We grow perennial mum varieties so with the right TLC they will come back for years of enjoyment. This year we will be offering 2000 mums in six colors and 15 different varieties and well as a selection of tri-colored mumbos.

Products Produced: Flowers and produce
Farming Location: Fisher, Hardy County, WV
How to Buy: Contact directly to order - by phone at (
304) 851-2743 or Facebook Messenger

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