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Happy Ranch Farm

Happy Ranch Farm is a local West Virginia Veteran farm growing fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs through organic practices. We do not use any pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides. We bring fresh food to our community. We do it all by hand, from planting each seed into dirt to harvesting it for market and using it for baking.

Our animals are drug free and are outside every single day, rain, shine, and snow. The eggs are so fresh you have to wait a week before you can hard boil them! We bake fresh fruit and pecan pies and lots of gluten free goodies to bring to market. We value our plants, our animals, our environment, great food, great relationships, our community, and YOU.

Products Produced: Fresh produce, baked goods

Farming Location: Old Fields, Hardy County, WV 

How to Buy: Happy Ranch Farm is part of the Happy Farmers Market. View their site to order and pick up at  

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