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Our Producers

Our farmers come from the six county area of the Potomac Highlands of eastern West Virginia and represent a variety of products.

Cozy Country Farm

Cozy Country Farm lies in the hills of Mineral County, where fourth generation farmers Harold and Cheryl Hott produce natural pasture-raised lamb, goat and beef.


They offer the same quality meat they desire: wholesome, clean, no additives, no hormones and no byproducts.

CJ Mt. Morgans Farm

Farmer Cindy Jenks is all about growing local. "Born here, raised here, and sold here," is her Hardy County farm's mission.


With over 50 years of farming experience, she takes growing locally-sourced, compassionately pasture-raised products seriously, offering beef and pork meats and chicken, ducks, and quail poultry.

Watermark Farm

Watermark Farm is located on the South Fork of the Potomac River in Hardy County, where they raise pastured beef, pork and chicken.


The Maher's are pursuing a dream of farming and living more sustainably. They use heritage breeds to preserve genetic diversity, farming legacy and are combining a love of nature and life to produce quality farm products.

Hamilton's Eggs

Richard Hamilton's Lonesome Ridge Farm in Mathias is West Virginia's only certified pasture raised organic egg farm.


The operation is also humane certified. Hens on Hamilton's farm get more than eight hours of outside time and a quality diet, resulting in happy hens and the highest quality egg!

Buena Vista Farm

Nestled in the heart of Hardy County is Buena Vista Farm, appropriately named in Spanish for “beautiful view.”  


This farm has been in the Leatherman family since the 19th century. George and Miriam Leatherman raise corn, cattle, chickens and strawberries! 

M&S Maple Farm

Mark and Sarah Kimble provide pure local West Virginia maple syrup straight from the tree to your table. All natural and healthier for you.

South Branch Cattle & Meat Company

South Branch Cattle and Meat Company is a family-owned farm by the Williams family in Old Fields. 

The Williams family have been farming and raising beef for nine generations. Their beef is grass-raised, corn-finished and processed locally.

Branch & Root Forest Farm

Branch & Root Forest Farm is located on a shady mountainside in Hardy County. Veteran and farmer Todd and wife Marlana are growing what grows best in the shade- ramps, mushrooms and other forest botanicals! In the few spots that aren't shaded by the trees you'll find a variety of peppers and a few other sunny herbs growing.

Happy Ranch Farm

Happy Ranch Farm is a local West Virginia veteran-owned farm in Old Fields growing fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs through organic practice.

They do not use pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides and aim to bring fresh food to their community. Happy Ranch Farm is Certified Naturally Growing certified, meaning no chemicals are used before, during, or after growing food. They are also WV Grown Certified, meaning they grow their own products and raise their own animals.

Wilfong Farm

Michelle and CW Wilfong raise pastured lamb, pork, beef and grow high tunnel produce in rural Pendleton County.


They host a corn maze every fall and love having the opportunity to provide the community with access to fresh, nutritious products!

Deans Gap Farm

Scott and Becky Rightsell raise produce on their hilly Pendleton County farm, with two high tunnels full of produce.

"We strive to be good stewards of God's great creation by diversifying our farming practices."

Heritage Homestead

Heritage Homestead is a real working homestead in Hedgesville. Over the last few years, the owners of Heritage Homestead watched feed prices skyrocket and knew they had to do something in order to keep their homestead going. So, they started making locally-sourced freeze-dried ice cream and fruit.

What started as a way to save the farm turned into a business they love.

Lone Wolf Farm and Apiary

From their Appalachian homestead nestled on the North River in the gap of Short Mountain in Rio comes their exquisite honey produced from the nectar of flowers, herbs and flowers of local trees.

Bits-n-Pieces Farm

Billy and Coulby McDonald operate a small farm in Wardensville that progressed from hobby farm to growing produce and free-range eggs for a road side stand.

Their ambition to provide their community with affordable, locally-grown foods drives them to continue learning and expand their farm.

Mineral Co. FFA Students

Mineral County's FFA student program participates in the annual West Virginia Ham Bacon and Egg Show and Sale, where they raise their own hogs and chickens to produce ham, bacon, other pork products and eggs, which are then judged and sold at auction.

Blackthorn Estates Nursery

Blackthorn Estates Nursery grows lavender and Christmas trees near Sugar Grove.

They offer bouquets, plants and a large selection of lavender-based products such as lotions, essential oils and lavender maple syrup.

Blooming Mountains Botanical Sanctuary

Alexor Moore and Meaghan Thompson strive to provide the highest quality medicinal herbs and herbal products. They are both passionate about farming, healing themselves, others and the planet.

Double L Farms

Double L Farms is a family-owned business in Purgitsville. Tiffani Deihl and family provide a wide variety of farm fresh vegetables and delicious grass-fed pork.

Rock Island Farm

Rock Island Farm is located in Hardy County and grow a variety of produce and fall mums. Their produce is grown inside one of their two high tunnels.

They grow perennial mum varieties, so with the right TLC, they will come back for years of enjoyment.

Parting Ridge Farm

Parting Ridge Farm is located in Mathias. Owner Kent Shipe works hard to provide delicious, grass-fed beef to the Potomac Highlands Region.

EH Chocolates & More

EH Chocolates & More is a small business located in Kirby. Owner Eric Hott creates delicious homemade Swiss chocolates and produces a wide variety of produce and canned goods.

Spring Valley Farm Market

Spring Valley Farm and Orchard owners' Eli and Misty farm over 400 acres of diversified fruits and vegetables on their family farm in Hampshire County.

Dunham Organics

At Dunham Organics, we believe it's important to offer wholesome chicken, and to also be completely transparent in what we provide.

While we are not yet organic "certified," we raise our chickens using an organic process. We know what matters to you and want you to know everything that goes into our chickens.

FireFly Farms

Founded in 2000 by partners Mike Koch and Pablo Solvent, FireFly Farms now comprises a community of cheese makers and cheese mongers dedicated to making excellent cheese—creating value for the regional farming community and the rural economy of western Maryland's Garrett County, and ensuring that its operations are sustainable and protect the natural environment for future generations.

Black Dog Coffee

The Black Dog Coffee Company was born out of a decade’s long journey in search of the ultimate cup of coffee. Our efforts led to an astonishing discovery. The secret to great coffee isn’t in a big brand name, fancy labels or the word “gourmet.” The secret is in the bean. It turns out that most of the coffee beans we found on grocery store shelves and even in many popular coffee shops were an inferior grade, over-roasted beans that had gone stale long before they even reached the shelves.

Weese Farms

My husband, John, is a second generation farmer on our family farm in Fisher, West  Virginia. John is passionate about producing the best tasting, quality beef possible. When John and I married, he helped me create my own space and identity on the farm with a vegetable high tunnels.


We worked together to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower and  peppers that first year. We have grown together as a family and as farmers adding products such as cut flowers, greenhouse plants, a farm discovery center, petting zoo, corn maze and pumpkin patch. 

Flying W Farms

Flying W Farms is a sixth generation family farm owned and operate by the Woodworth families in Burlington, West Virginia. Flying W is a diversified independent farm that has supported generations of family members engaged in mindful cultivation of the land, environmentally sound practices, and animal care ethics with a great level of respect and integrity. 

They direct market their Natural Angus beef produced from their herd of 200 Angus brood cows. Flying W also features local pork, brown eggs, seasonal sweet corn and a wide variety of vegetables and fruits-food that is produced with nature in mind in a sustainable fashion.  

WV Fruit and Berry

Bob and Becky Titchenal, both native West Virginians, formed West Virginia Fruit and Berry in early 1995. They started marketing their new products and continued to address alternative sustainable agriculture for small family farms. This offers small family farms the potential of growing specialty crops such as fruits, berries, herbs, flowers, and various crops in demand - thus giving the farmers a chance for additional income from either selling what they grow or creating their own value-added products. West Virginia Fruit and Berry has maintained a consistent, high quality, all-natural product line for 25 years.

A&C Snack Company

We are a small family business located in Old Fields, WV. Our products are made fresh to order.  We offer: kettle corn, pork rinds, cotton candy and have a food truck where we showcase our products and feature our fresh squeezed lemonade. 

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