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Crop Production Planning - Kacey Gantzer 

Production Planning
February 10,2021
Do you have an Ag Production Plan? Is it up to date? Watch our training to learn or re-learn how to chart out your production.
Up to date production planning helps you determine:
  • What to grow and how much to expect in harvest and when
  • When to plant and how often you can replant in a season
  • Costs in not only seed and amendments, but time and labor
  • How to use your available space for maximum production
  • Evaluate your costs to see your bottom line and price your product more accurately
WVDA Planning Coordinator Kacey Gantzer will show you how production planning during the winter yields results in summer.  Learn how to schedule, plan and use space on your farm to increase time, harvest yield and profits for your farming operation.
This free session focuses on growers but will have valuable lessons for farmers in any type of production.

And you'll find below, the presentation and spreadsheet file from her presentation.

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