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Valkyrie Farms Coffee

Brandon Berg and Natasha Wilson of Valkryrie Farms produce 100% Organic Arabica Bean Coffee, imported from Colombia and Nicaragua, locally roasted and packaged in Franklin, in Pendleton County, WV. Brandon and Natasha are native West Virginian’s who love their state and the mountains in which they reside. They share a passion for coffee as well as a desire to fill a void in their local area where they discovered the products they were so passionate about were lacking. With a strong entrepreneurial drive, they set out to create a business that would not only serve their community and local economy, but also deliver the unique and delicious flavors of Appalachia to everyone!


Valkyrie Farms provides locally roasted premium organic artisan coffees in a perfect medium or dark roast, as either whole bean or pre-ground bags. Their proprietary coffee bean roasting and cold smoking technique infuses the flavors of Appalachia in every sip. Each of these products are designed to bring the comfort of the city to quickly expanding rural communities.  


They have five options currently available: Allegheny - Medium Roast Colombian, Seneca - Medium Roast Nicaraguan, Spruce - Bourbon Soaked Medium Roast Colombian (collaboration with Still Hollow Distillery in Harman), Blackwater Falls - Dark Roast Nicaraguan, Sinks of Gandy - Dark Roast Colombian. All are available in whole bean or ground, and can be purchased from their website, listed below.

Products Produced: 100% Organic Arabica Bean Coffee

Farming Location: Franklin, Pendleton County, WV

How to Buy: Contact directly on their website at:

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